Our machine list is extensive to allow the widest range of product marking and decoration capabilities.   This list is always being updated as we expand our machine inventory to provide the widest range of options for our customers.

Sossner Stamping Machine 1052

Sossner Stamping Machine with 6″ x 8″ head

Acromark Cylinder Stamping Machine S15R-7S

Acromark Cylinder Stamping Machine 9AH-14

Acromark Cylinder Stamping Machine 9AH-24

Franklin Chain Drive 8 Station Cylinder Printer Model 140 (Roller Blocks)

Dri-Print series 67 12″ roller Hot Stamp Model D Pro with continuous Belt Roll on machine 12″ roller

Pre cleaning station air ionizer and dust collector

Kensol Hot Stamp Machine Model 157 with adjustable knee 10″x15″ head – 7 Ton

Kensol/Franklin Hot Stamp Machine Model 5000 with 6″ x 12″ head – 5 Ton

Kensol K-110 with 6″ x 12″ adjustable knee – 3 to 4 Ton

Kensol K-110 with 6″ x 12″ decal feeder – 3 to 4 Ton

Jackson 24″ Rotary Table with 12 Stations

Peerless 24″ 3″ x 7″ Head Hot Stamper MP 356

Kensol Hot Stamp Machine K-165 with 13″x16″ Head with Shuttle table 10 Ton

Bee Chemical Model 10 with 12 Station Rotary 10″

Kensol Banding Machine KL-345

Franklin Hot Stamp Machine 8500 with Criss Cross Foil feed 24″ x 36″ head

Dri-Print Foil Slitter with extra rollers for roll machines

—————— Pad Print Equipment

Autoroll Pad Flex S – Up to 7″ x 10″ Plates

Tech-A-Print TPX500 0380108 — Limitless applications.  One of the largest pad printers on the East Coast. Capable of printing an image 23×7 inches. Laser accurate repeatability.  Think huge projects on this machine. Washer/ Dryer control panels…..Microwave fronts…Room A/C front panels

Tech-A-Print TPX500L with 2 Knees – maximum image size 23×7 inches.  1200 cycles per hour. Multiple color options and Multiple plate size options.  These machines will accommodate plate sizes from 7.062 by 5.00 to 23 inches . From manual load to semi automatic to full automatic. Swiss made for efficiency.

Printek 3-Color Pad Printer with Carrae Anx x42 Table

Printek 3-Color Pad Printer with Carrae 2

Printek Plate Maker for Large Plates (Imtran)

Printek Plate Maker Sun Ray

Tech-A-Print Wash Up Station WG701 001

Printek 2-Color Pad Printer with Shuttle Table 4″ x 6″ Plates

———–Flat Screen Printing

Flat Stock Drying Rack 36″ x 48″ – 50 shelves

Flat Stock Drying Rack 42″ x 52″ – 50 shelves

M & M Flat Bed Screen Printer 24″ x 36″

AWT UV Oven 10′ Conveyer Belt

4-Color Textile Printer Workhourse – American

Cincinnati Demon – Textile Belt Drying Oven with 15′ Conveyer

Michael Business Machines Hydraulic Shear 36″ – Semi Automatic

Portland Punching Machine

Manual Shears

Exhaust Fan with controls

A&M Spot Cure Unit

Kenro Camera Model 241

Cincinnati Vacuum Table 40″ x 50″

Atlas Carbon ARC Lamp with trimmers and controls

Wash Out Sink

Air Stapler and Corrugated Fastener Gun

Lite Tables

Screen Stretcher Bars

Screen Chases – Aluminum

Dark Room Supplies

Autoroll M20 Screen Printer with Flat Print Attachment (Flats and Rounds)

Autoroll RotoFlex Flat Screen Printer

Autoroll M20 Screen Print Auto Registration (cylinders and flats)

Autoroll M40 Screen Printer 36″ stroke left to right prints up to a 5 gallon round

B&B High Speed Screen Printer 1/4″ – 1/2″ cylinders

Camco Flat Screen Printer with custom slide table

Bench Unit Cylinder Printer – up to 1 gallon size

Bench Unit Cylinder Printer – up to 2″ round

General Equipment

Kraft Kiln and controls

Sounth Ben 10″ Lathe x 4′

Band Saw

Inspection Table

Walker Turner Drill

Rockwell Tilting Arbor Saw Model 12/14

Hillside Security Safe

Clark Fork Lift

Auto Bagging Table

Pallet Jack

Hytrol Conveyer with Corona Surface Treater

Kellog American 3.5 HP Air Compressor

Joy Twistair 25 HP Air Compressor

Deltech HG Series Dryer

Roof Monster Exhauster and Controls

Autoroll 1200 Converted to flame treating unit

Techa Print T Wg-701 Wash-up unit

Digital Scale up to 50Lbs

UPS scale

Autoroll Ventron Drying unit w 21′ conveyer 24″ belt

Autoroll Cyclo Flo dryers 24″ belt 30′ conveyor

Hydro / conveyor with Corone Surface Treater

Naz-Dar Screen Chases

Conveyor Flame Treating Unit