A-1 Marking Technologies is the East Coast’s premier product decoration provider for commercial and industrial applications, providing high quality solutions Since 1961!

Our a 12,000 square ft facilitiy is capable of running your project from concept through production.  Our extensive machine list assures the widest range of capabilities, assuring your projects can be completed in house.

Over 100 years of experience provides unmatched competence and creativity.  We credit our success and longevity to high quality results and high quality relationships with our clients.  We are confident that we are the best choice for a wide range of your projects.

If you are looking for custom product decorating, we have the experience and extensive machine inventory to service your needs.

We take pride in our extensive in-house services  which include our “complete” facilities for marking and machining.  Our reputation for quality work can be attributed to the excellence of our facilities, our experienced personnel and our team’s professionalism.  Our design, engineering and production services while local in Central Northern NJ are second to none on the East Coast.

Our 1200 sq. ft complex includes the kind of equipment that makes even difficult projects go smoothly.  And our collective experience exceeds 100 years by several score!  Combining our extensive machine list with that vast experience provides incredible outcomes, whether you need Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Hot Stamping or any variation to make your project click.

Our customers include mold houses, advertising specialty companies, cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms, corporations … large and small and commercial sources in the area of electronics.

Talking to the Trade

At A-1 Marking Technologies, we prepare high-quality screens for industry clients.  Companies who create prototype products and equipment for testing before significant production use A-1 Marking Technologies for their screen creation needs.  Also, “captive” shops buy our in house designed screens and fixtures and then do their own printing on their own production line.

We offer top quality screen creation usually within days, uncommon sizes may take a little longer.

First in service

Our company features single source responsibility.  Attention to your job starts at the top and continues throughout the production process to delivery.

Because we have an uncommonly large and well stocked facilities plus significant experience, turn around time on jobs is improved…we will help you to meet your difficult scheduling requirements while delivering consistent premium quality!  Our prices are regionally competitive, our production run capabilities remain flexible and we meet our delivery commitments.

Typical A-1 product decorating assignments include: Metal, plastics & glass containers, Plastic squeeze tubes, Lipstick shells and compact covers, Caulking cartridges, Metal and Plastic aerosols, Fire Extinguishers, Bottle closures, Rulers & scales, Molded and fabricated cases, knobs and switches, Toys & games. Writing instruments, Nameplates, Handles, Vial & test tubes, Clock faces, Mirrors.

An Invitation to you to check out our facilities

Before this website was launched in 2018, we survived and thrived based solely on word of mouth advertising for over 60 years!  Whether you have used us in the past or would like to get a quote from us for the first time, please contact us via phone or email and or stop by the plant.  We offer you the level of professional service and the confidence that stems from years of leadership and innovation in the decorating trade.

Our Services

This process uses uniquely shaped silicone rubber pads to transfer intricate images to surfaces which are difficult to reach, non uniform or irregular. (3-D Printing)

Once called silk screening, today’s methods cover a wide range or materials.  Still a cost efficient method of promoting your business, organization or event in a variety of colors.

A sophisticated method for decorating a variety of objects and panels, regardless of their textures, including flat or dimensional characteristics.