A-1 Marking Technologies is the East Coast’s premier product decoration provider for commercial and industrial applications, providing high quality solutions Since 1961!

Our 12,000 square foot facility is capable of running your project from concept through production. Our extensive machine list assures the widest range of capabilities, assuring your projects can be completed in house.

Our experienced management team provides unmatched competence and creativity. We credit our success and longevity to high quality results and high quality relationships with our clients. We are confident that we are the best choice for a wide range of your projects.

Our Services

This process uses uniquely shaped silicone rubber pads to transfer intricate images to surfaces which are difficult to reach, non uniform or irregular. (3-D Printing)

Once called silk screening, today’s methods cover a wide range or materials.  Still a cost efficient method of promoting your business, organization or event in a variety of colors.

A sophisticated method for decorating a variety of objects and panels, regardless of their textures, including flat or dimensional characteristics.

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